Wei Jiangang

The Cream of the Queer Crop 同志她她她他他他, Documentary, 2010, Length: 48 minutes

Wei Xiaogang was born in a small town in Xinjiang, north-eastern China. He studied at the drama department of the Urumqi Arts Institute, and then at the Shanghai Drama Academy. After his studies, he travelled to Beijing and worked as an actor in stage productions and films. He also volunteered for various socially engaged local NGOs. He has been a consultant for UNICEF since 2005. He has always had a passion for developing non-state-run social work. For five years, he was active in an organisation that assisted people with learning disabilities, and used drama as a method for psychological support and development.

In later years, Wei Xiaogang has devoted himself to film and used the art to support the development of social movements. In 2007, he started making a series of videos for the website queercomrades.com. He has created and directed about fifty videos, with both gay and "normal" themes. Upliftingly enough, the site has not been banned, and Queer Comrades have promoted the development of gay and lesbian visual art. Wei and his colleagues' videos on the internet have had a great influence, and meant that many people in China have gathered a greater understanding for homosexuality.

The Cream of the Queer Crop is a documentary filmed by Wei Xiaogang in 2010. He describes his film thusly:

"When gay Chinese talk about conditions in China, they often mention that there are gay bars and gay websites, two symbols of a change that has occurred. And when there are such meeting-places, social progress has taken place. This is quite true, but these bars and websites are insufficient; they don't mean that we have a civil society with equal rights for all. We need greater space for social acitivies. There is still a long way to go, but we've started, we're on our way. This episode highlights ten people who have worked on the frontlines of LGBT questions for several years. They are activists from different backgrounds, ages, and genders, united by the common goal of creating change in China. We hope they can serve as an inspiration for a better, more pluralistic society."

Si Han, Curator

Wei Jiangang 魏建刚

1976: Born in Xinjiang
1994-97: trained as an actor at the Drama Dept., Xinjiang Arts Institute in Urumqi, and at the Shanghai Drama Academy.
Lives and works in Beijing