Cheng Juanzi & Song Jianing

After three years, when I look back on my collaboration with Song Jianing, Cong丛, many thoughts and emotions are awoken.

This work was originally created with the hope of using a form of body language to express an emotion between two people of the same sex, especially an emotion between two women. This feeling is not the same as between two men. I think that the emotions between two women sometimes turn into a mutual way of intertwining, a co-dependence, an attraction to what is similar. The battle of two soft, interlaced individuals, as they simultaneously lean on each other.

These feelings between people of the same sex we speak of might be called friendly by some; others might use the word love; and still others might see as a kind of relationship between "an ego and itself", hence the English title Me and I.

But the Chinese title of the video is Cong 丛. The symbol 丛 consists of two people (人人) and a thread (一) that binds them, meaning "gather together", "crowd". The red thread in the video symbolises the connection between two people, or between "me and myself". When the red thread is broken apart, it expresses the struggle and pain of the main characters.

I want to add that this is a tale about reconciliation. It is not mutual reconciliation, however, but reconciliation with oneself, perhaps through another person, or perhaps by having seen another "myself". Isn't that the way for all of us?

Cheng Juanzi

Cheng Juanzi

1987: born in Beijing
2009: graduated from Art School at The People's University, Beijing
Currently studying New Media Art at The Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig

Song Jianing

Born in Heze, Shandong, 1987
Bachelor's degree in New Media Art at The People's University, Beijing, 2009
Lives and works in Beijing