Mu Xi

My video piece Moth was developed from the series Portraits of Youths, and combines the sense of life and naturalism. The video uses natural phenomena, the metamorphosis of the silkworm, and the unclear gender role of the dancer. The bra symbolises slave mentality. The moth pops up again and again as a signal, a symbol for a state of flux, of transformation. The spots of light that can be seen in the image towards the end as the cocoon bursts and the pupa becomes a butterfly symbolise awakening and reconciliation.

When humans are young, bodily and mental changes begin; the consciousness of gender has unlimited possibilities. These two relationships are a key to my work. In 2008, I started created work around the theme "youth". I try to start a conversation about self-knowledge, about differences between masculine and feminine consciousness, about gender trading places, about the curiosity concerning, and exploration of, the opposite sex. Youthful gender consciousness is wavering; the dancer expresses this confusion. The transformation from larva to butterfly symbolises the transformation of the body and consciousness.

The feminine aspect is a symbol for reflection and the exploration of gender identity, of genders trading places. This aspect manifests itself in the following way: the thread behind the body demonstrates the restrictiveness of female undergarments. When the butterfly's wings are visible, the woman's breasts appear in the background. The parrot, butterfly and soft dance language are also an expression for the feminine aspect.

To me, the body is poetry. Dance is the language of the body. Using the body as language, "the female in the male body" and "the male in the female body" are explained. The language of dance expresses the awakening from a confused unconsciousness, imitating the silkworm that begins to appear out of the pupa, finally spreading its wings, suggesting the burgeoning human consciousness of gender and lust.

Every human's inner realm is an endless space, a lonely universe. The video barely features any concrete background: the inner reality is brought to the fore.

Mu Xi

Mu Xi 木西

1983: born in Shanghai
2002: graduated from Shanghai Arts and Crafts College
2005: graduated from Shanghai Jianqiao University
Lives and works in Shanghai