Touring exhibition Secret Love

Secret Love on tour

Secret Love is currently on view in Värmland, Sweden.

The internationally acclaimed exhibition Secret Love is now on tour. 25 artists contribute with approximately 150 works that all are expressions on the subjects of identity, sexuality and norms.

Are you interested in showing Secret Love? Now there is a unique opportunity to hire the exhibition. The Museums of World culture have a five year contract with the artists. If interested, please contact :

World famous Chinese names such as the Gao Brothers, Chi Peng, Ma Liuming and Zhang Yuan present photographs, video installations, paintings and performances about taboo love. Secret Love is the world's first large contemporary art exhibition from China on this theme and therefore forms a new chapter in the country's art history.

The world premiere of Secret Love was at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm in autumn 2012. It has toured through Europe, including at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam from May 2015 to May 2016.

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Touring exhibition on the Museums of World Culture

Yang Guowei

Shi Tou


Wang Zi

Ren Hang

Wei Jiangang

Fan Popo

New Beijing New Marriage

Li Guangxin

Gao Brothers

Li Xinmo

Chi Peng


Ma Liuming

Cheng Juanzi & Song Jianing

Qui Jiongjiong

Jiang Qigu

Han Meichao

Li Xiaofeng

Cui Zi'en

Lin Zhipeng


Zheng bo

Karibu Islands