Bow drill made of bone, decorated with animals and hunting scenes. Inuit. 1880.04.1031. Photograph: Rose-Marie Westling.

Arctic and the Circumpolar Region

North Atlantic, Canada, northern Sweden, Norway & Finland, northeast Russia, Greenland, Iceland & Svalbard.

The Museum of Ethnography has at its disposal extensive collections from the Inuit people (Eskimos), not only from Greenland but also from Alaska. In particular, the Inuit collections from Alaska have been published in various scientific contexts. The objects were collected during the Vega Expedition when the vessel Vega dropped anchor in Port Clarence, Alaska.

Benknapp till bärrem i form av ett sälhuvud.1880.04.1071. Foto: Rose-Marie Westling.

Read more about it on our website Färden med Vega (Journey with Vega), which tells of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld's journey through the Northeast Passage in 1878-1880.

Fartyget Vega under expeditionen 1878-1880