The Japanese Tea House

In 1990, the Museum of Ethnography built its Japanese tea house, Zui-Ki-Tei, "Home of the auspicious light", located in a site of natural beauty, on the hillside that slopes down towards the Djurgårdsbrunn Canal in Northern Djurgården. The tea house was built according to plans by Professor Masao Nakamura. It is constructed from simple natural materials and consists of two rooms for conducting the tea ceremony: the smaller room, which is three and 3/4 tatami mats in size, and the larger which is the size of six tatami mats. The tea house opens in May and closes for the winter at the end of October/beginning of November.


The larger room accommodates tea ceremonies with up to 20 guests, but, in order to emphasise the intimate character of both the room and the ceremony, the number of guests is limited to twelve.
The current tea house is the Museum of Ethnography's second. The first Zui-Kui-Tei was built in 1935, close to the location of the current tea house. This was destroyed by fire in unexplained circumstances in October 1969.
In connection with Ebba Gedelius' 90th birthday, a fund was established for the tea house. The fund should look after the maintenance of the tea house and its activities. Would you like to make a donation to the fund? Deposit your donation in our account, PlusGiro 60 89 45-2

The following activities take place in the tea house, in collaboration with the Japanese Tea Society:

- Demonstrations of the Japanese tea ceremony take place on weekends, between May and October. Please book in advance, as the demonstrations are very popular (see the museum's calendar).

- Private tea ceremonies, for example, in conjunction with business events or family celebrations, or simply in order to experience traditional Japanese culture in a private setting, may be arranged on request.

- The tea house is open to visitors every Wednesday throughout the summer. Guided tours at other times may be arranged.

- Beginners courses in the Japanese tea ceremony are held twice per year, depending on interest.

- Aside from the tea house activities, the Japanese Tea Society also arranges lectures about traditional and contemporary Japanese culture at the Museum of Ethnography six times per year (see the museum's calendar).

Questions concerning the tea house

Are answered by Ulla Edberg, +46 (0)10-456 11 93, email:


- Reservations for regular demonstrations of the Japanese tea ceremony: contact the museum's reception, tel +46 (0)10-456 12 99 or via email:

Guided tours for groups or school groups

Contact reservations on +46 (0)10-456 12 96,