Friends of Etnografiska museet

The association was established in 1962 and has, ever since, been closely linked to the museum and its activities.

An association which supports Etnografiska museet (the Museum of Ethnography) in its work to create a greater understanding of other cultures. The association organises programmes which supplement those offered by the museum itself and promote the museum's international relationships.

We arrange trips which are prepared through study groups at the museum. The associations of friends of each of the National Museums of World Culture collaborate with one another. Membership is open to all.

If you show your membership card, you will receive free entrance to the permanent exhibitions of Etnografiska museet/the Museum of Ethnography, Medelhavsmuseet/the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Östasiatiska museet/the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities and Världskulturmuseet/the Museum of World Culture.

Membership costs SEK 100 for students under the age of 26, SEK 200 for individual members, SEK 300 for two people with the same address and SEK 3,000 for life membership. Please send payment for the total amount to PlusGiro 60 89 45-2

Contact details

If you would like to contact the association, please email: