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Vem tillhör föremålenWhose objects?

Art Treasures from the Kingdom of Benin in the collection of the Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm.
Wilhelm Östberg, 2010.

How is it that we find royal treasures from the ancient West African Kingdom of Benin in the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm? And, should they be there in the first place? The British invaded the capital of Benin in 1897 and abducted some 4000 bronzes, sculptured ivory and other cultural objects from the palace. These they carted off to Europe, where today they are among the most valuable objects in museums and private collections. Some of the pieces have found their way to Stockholm.

This book quotes different voices in the debate on restitution of Benin objects, and introduces the Benin collection in the Museum of Ethnography.
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Det drömda Japan

Japan Imagined

The Ida Trotzig Collection of Photographs from the Meiji Era in Japan.
Ulla Wagner, 2009

Japan Imagined - the faraway country that enchanted the young Ida Trotzig and many of her contemporaries. Beautiful landscapes, quaint houses, lovely geishas, warlike samurais, in short all things different and exotic fed the imagination.

Did this image of Japan correspond to the real country, or was it a dreamland? Ida Trotzig had the opportunity to see for herself when she came to Kobe in 1888. During her 30 years in Japan she got to know its culture, and from 1898 she started her work with, and collection for, the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.

The photos in the collection presented here were taken by Japanese photographers in the decades around 1900. They reflect some aspects of Japanese life at that period - but not the country that then was in the process of rapid modernization and industrialization.

Ulla Wagner is a former Director and Head of Research of the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.
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Chinese shadow theatre

Monograph Series No 15, Museum of Ethnography
Sven Broman, 1981

Karl Erik Larsson, former director of The Museum of Ethnography in Sweden, says by way of introduction: "Our museum has in its possessions an almost complete set of Chinese shadow theatre, including figures, props, musical intruments as well as libretti, from Peking, purchased there by Dr Gösta Montell in 1931. The museum is now publishing a study on this form of theatre in the hope that it will be useful and of value for all those interested in folk theatre. The reader will in our study be able to identify individual figures. We stress especially this practical purpose."

This book is available in two versions: hardcover and paperback.
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Monograph Series No 17, Museum of Ethnography
Sven Broman

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Mexikanska konstskatter

Treasures of Mexican Art

Two thousand years of art and art handicraft.
Sigvald Linné, 1956

The exhibition of Mexican art, which was shown in Stockholm in 1952, was not only one of the most important art exhibitions of international quality ever shown in Sweden, but also one of the most remarkable and most valuable.

The exhibtion was a tremendous success, which gave the Swedish-Mexican Exhibition Committee the idea of publishing a book, in memory of a wonderful exhibition of Mexican art.
Price: 70 SEK

The Terracotta Figurines from Sigvald Linné´s Excavations at Teotihuacan, Mexico

Monograph Series No 18, The Museum of Ethnography
Sue Scott, 2001.

Price: 230 SEK