Museums of World Culture Educational Program

Our educational program is representative of what the Museums of World Culture have to offer with close to 500 activities every year from basic debates and seminars to larger concerts and performances by international artists.

Educational activities not only play an important role in visitor experience, they also have a purpose and direction. Our educational program enables us to work faster than what exhibition media usually allows, It also enables us to give daily perspectives on events and share the latest research findings in our field with our visitors. Our vast international network of contacts also means that many internationally acclaimed authors and experts visit us.

The Museums of World Culture often collaborate to create a specific theme for an exhibition or program. In this way, we can cover a number of aspects of cultural heritage, not least intangible cultural heritage such as music and give breadth and depth to our museum collections. The educational program serves as a complement to the museum exhibitions.

Our Educational Program Department can be found in both Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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